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This service is used to help schools find out about--and SOLVE--potential violence problems. Use this service to protect students, teachers, administrators, and staff from danger at school. TellMySchool.comTM is especially useful for grades kindergarten through 12th grade.

Stop School ViolenceWhether it's eight dead at Red Lake High School in Minnesota (March 21, 2005), or two dead at Rocori High School in Cold Spring, Minnesota (September 24, 2004), or 14 dead at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado (April 20, 1999)—it's far too many. TellMySchool.comTM can help stop the violence.

This private feedback service works in two ways:

1) If you wish to report a school violence problem (as a "problem-reporter"), then you can report a danger to our service WITHOUT telling anyone (including us) who you are. We will then alert the school to access the encrypted problem report (which even SolvAnon® staff can't read) at Then, the school can address the problem before it gets worse.


2) If you wish to receive a school danger problem report (as a subscriber), then you can sign up to get such anonymous tips before a problem gets worse.


Students—Use This Service To:

  • Warn a school about any kind of threat or danger without revealing your identity

Faculty, Staff, and Parents—Use This Service To:

  • Warn your school without revealing your identity


  • Remove fear of retaliation by using this anonymous tip system

And remember ... subscribers get these reports from people who don't identify themselves on our encrypted secure Internet site. Anonymous problem-reporters are more likely to provide very useful tips indeed.

It's All Free!

TellMySchool.comTM is part of the family of confidential Internet services known together as SolvAnon®. SolvAnon® is short for solving problems with anonymous tips.

This SolvAnon® service for finding out about possible school dangers in time to fix them is so unique that SolvAnon® has been granted a nationally registered trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Early Warning Signs of School Violence

What kinds of things could be reported this way? The following "early warning signs" of dangerous student behavior and attitudes can lead to violence. The warning signs are from a research-based government report*:

  • social withdrawal
  • excessive feelings of isolation and being alone
  • excessive feelings of rejection
  • being a victim of violence
  • feelings of being picked on and persecuted
  • low school interest and poor school performance
  • expressing violence in writings and drawings
  • uncontrolled anger
  • hitting, scaring, or bullying others
  • history of discipline problems
  • history of violent and aggressive behavior
  • no tolerance for differences between people (differences like race, religion, language, gender, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • drug or alcohol abuse
  • affiliation with gangs
  • access to, and use of, firearms
  • serious threats of violence

(*"Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools," U.S. Department of Education, August, 1998, pages 8-11).

TellMySchool.comTM should be a vital part of any school's safety system.

"Threat assessment should be looked upon as one component in an overall strategy to reduce school violence" (THREAT ASSESSMENT IN SCHOOLS: A GUIDE TO MANAGING THREATENING SITUATIONS AND TO CREATING SAFE SCHOOL CLIMATES, United States Secret Service and United States Department of Education, Washington, D.C., May, 2002, page 11).

(TellMySchool.comTM is an independent service and not affiliated with any individual school, school system, or government agency).

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